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I’m not a hater. This is a story of evolution. I had the privilege of working at KCSB-FM radio in the 90s. One summer, a deliriously experimental shitshow known as Wobbly Brothers took over the station between two and six in the morning, several nights a week. The original Wobblers…

Timmins makes a mean Sushi Bagel at The Wandering Bagel in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

Food trucks and carts enjoyed a renaissance after the 2008 financial crisis. During that time, some of the chefs that lost their restaurants made their operations mobile¹, bringing bougie food to the streets. Will we see a similar boom in 2021?

Timmins (pictured above) is a former sushi chef. He…

Finding spot “X”. (Image by Pam Anderson)

Baseball players decide which pitches to swing at. If the ball is outside the strike zone, it’s generally better not to swing.

Imagine that the ocean is similarly sending you “pitches” as waves. Paddle for one outside the “strike zone” and you’re unlikely to get a good ride.

What kind…

[Author’s note: This was written during at the height of the Covid pandemic in NYC, and the laundromat across the street has since re-opened :) ]

I live in a Brooklyn apartment building with shared laundry machines. …

Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance
by Brian Patrick Eha
Oneworld, 2017

This book chronicles the early history of Bitcoin, told through the eyes of the early adopters that came to lead the nascent industry.

Brian Eha paints the characters behind the story…


Grows best near salt water. Emits code, words, and films.

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